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We see a similar pattern when looking at activity in biotech from December 2015 to May 2016 (see below), plotting the unhedged portfolio alongside one with a 50% hedge, invested in an ETF that is 100% of the inverse of the performance of the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index.
In the real world, leveraged and inverse ETFs are more complex because these ETFs typically are reset daily.
This study explores a new efficient interval inverse analysis method based on Chebyshev inclusion functions for suspension design of vehicle vibration model.
Our case indicates that adalimumab may represent a viable treatment option for patients with inverse psoriasis unresponsive to standard treatments.
Blyth and Almeida Santos generalized (left) amenable partial orders on inverse semigroup to regular semigroup with an inverse transversal in [4].
The recovery and inverse relaxation phenomena of polyester staple fibre rotor spun yarns has better fibre orientation, which resulted in higher permanent deformation and lower delayed elastic recovery of the thread (3) .
The City first argued that Barton's inverse condemnation claim was barred by the existence of the judgment in the first eminent domain proceeding.
Nemenyi (195 1) presented inverse methods along with its applications in various field of continuum mechanics.
It is observed that the subalgebra E(S) is an algebraic retract of S, where S is an inverse semigroup iff a and a-1 commute for all aeS.
Stiffness maps of both 5R and 6-RUS manipulators show that highest values of stiffness occur in poses where crank-connecting rod systems reach inverse singularities.
For the approximate solution of the problem, an inverse polynomial method is used.
Besides, there are survey techniques available like respondent driven sampling (RDS), time location cluster sampling, snowball sampling, capture recapture sampling and inverse sampling for estimation of hidden population or diseases which are rare in nature.