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1. Economics of or relating to services rather than goods in relation to the invisible balance
2. Economics an invisible item of trade; service

What does it mean when you dream about being invisible?

Invisibility is a natural symbol of the unconscious mind. Also, something that is forgotten. Hidden influences.

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SmartWater does just that, by invisibly tagging cables, equipment and offenders, and allowing Police to make criminals more accountable for their actions.
Swimming invisibly in a ship's wake, a remote-controlled shark could track an enemy vessel's movements without being detected.
But when they do, there will be an amazing amount of information zooming invisibly around us.
There are the They of the black government, those peripheral figures invisibly maneuvering events behind the scenes.
It was a classic bandit narrative in the tradition of Robin Hood and Jesse James, with an invulnerable hero who defies unjust laws (in this case, speed limits and alcohol regulations), battles an oppressive sheriff (in this case, Jackie Gleason), and can move almost invisibly among the common folk who admire his heroic deeds (in this case, other drivers).
Smartwater uses a unique DNA type profile to invisibly mark goods.
The company has reportedly launched a range of online tools to invisibly capture information about online customers, including the ability to demographically profile customers, the facility to capture and verify BACS and credit card details and a "nearest store" finder service.
For both of these geniuses, lack of mainstream success seems to be a creative catalyst: Reacting to their perceived failure, they went beyond the point of no return and in the mid-'90s made noxiously perky, invisibly avant-garde synth pop.
There are now high tech applications that can sit invisibly on your computer capturing and recording all your emails, chat conversations, keystrokes, even credit card and banking information.
Cornell University physicists recently used a laser beam to pluck the strings of an invisibly tiny silicon guitar just 10 millionths of a meter long.
Seldom seen at all, spyware takes information from your system and invisibly passes it back to the spyware's owner.
Ever since the FDA ruling, a number of companies have reportedly rushed to introduce soy additives--for the simple reason that additives placed invisibly within fruit drinks or snack bars and other foods allow consumers to get the soy content to improve their health, without resorting to fringe foods.