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1. a prayer asking God for help, forgiveness, etc., esp as part of a religious service
2. an appeal for inspiration and guidance from a Muse or deity at the beginning of a poem
a. the act of summoning a spirit or demon from another world by ritual incantation or magic
b. the incantation used in this act


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

An invocation differs from an evocation in that the former is a Witch's invitation to the deities to appear in the magic circle, or to lend power for magical work, while the latter is a Ceremonial Magician's command to spirits/entities to appear in a confining triangle. The evocation is, by its nature, extremely dangerous, while there is no danger in the invocation.

An invocation should be delivered boldly yet lovingly. It seems to be especially potent when delivered in poetic form, rather than prose, yet both can be effective. Generally, in magic, that which is rhythmic—whether or not it actually rhymes—is the most effective.

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Characterizations that apply in all situations tend to be abstract and invocational.
That interest in the mythic and invocational aspects of poetry enriches Geda's novel in verse Zalio gintaro veriniai (Green Amber Beads; 1988).
comes not only from a parent's projected self-reproach--heightened by a metaphor that turns fever into flame even before the flame is literal--but also from the invocational force of the child's direct address against a background in which everyone is asleep.
Text 51, a hymn to Adad, written by Mannu-iqap for his father, the asipu-priest Nidintu-Anu/Anu-bel-sunu//Ekur-zakir, bears on its upper edge a fragment of the invocational formula [ina amat .
Justice William Brennan dissented in Marsh, arguing that the "practice of official invocational prayer, as it exists in Nebraska and most other state legislatures, is unconstitutional.