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Ironbark will use the proceeds to fund its 2010 drilling programme at the Citronen zinc-lead deposit in Northern Greenland, making a major step towards the completion of a reliable feasibility study on the site's potential development.
and Ironbark Associates LLC to help find new financing.
Away in the gloomy ranges, at the foot of an ironbark, The bonnie, winsome laddie was lying stiff and stark; For the Reckless mare had smashed him against a leaning limb, And his comely lace was battered, and his merry eyes were dim.
A resource centre called Tjuwanpa, the name for surrounding ironbark trees, was developed to service the outstations.
The red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) is the favorite host tree of this pest, although the flooded gum (Eucalyptus rudis), the blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) and the red ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) are other widely grown, psyllid-infested species.
7 The undercroft structure is ironbark, the superstructure yellow stringybark, and the floors spotted gum (all eucalyptus).
PHOTO : (Elaeagnus pungens `Variegata'), and red ironbark eucalyptus (E.
Ironbark Gold Takes Over Copper/Tungsten Project II-35
Excluding Australia Pacific LNG, Origin more than replaced its 2014 production through additions to its 2P reserves position, primarily at its Ironbark CSG field in Queensland, which increased by 94 PJe following favourable appraisal well drilling results.
To return to my earlier example of echidnas in the Box and Ironbark forests of central Victoria, paying attention to echidnas using tree stumps has led us (myself, colleague and students) to observe that the stumps reveal multiple stories of people living and working in the forest and the trees responding.
The site had open or very open woodland (Camahan 1990) dominated by silver-leaved ironbark (Eucalyptus melanophloia) with a grassy understorey dominated by Bothriochloa ewartiana (desert blue grass), Heteropogon contortus (black spear grass), and Themeda triandra (kangaroo grass), all tussock grasses.
The zinc refiner announced yesterday an agreement to increase its stake in Australian miner Ironbark Gold Limited (ASX:IBG) to 30.