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1. Maths
a. not rational
b. (as noun)
2. Prosody in Greek or Latin verse
a. of or relating to a metrical irregularity, usually the occurrence of a long syllable instead of a short one
b. denoting a metrical foot where such an irregularity occurs



in the most general meaning, that which is beyond the bounds of reason; alogical or nonintellectual; incommensurable with rational thinking or even contradicting it. The irrational is generally contrasted with the rational. The irrational as something inaccessible to rational cognition and inexpressible in logical concepts is one of the basic reference points for a number of idealistic currents, jointly referred to as philosophical irrationalism (for example, intuitionism and voluntarism). In the religious world view the rational is viewed as prerational (spontaneous-chaotic, not shaped by the Logos), as distinguished from both the rational and suprarational (the mystical, given in revelation).

In the theory of knowledge of dialectical materialism the irrational is understood to be something not yet known but knowable in principle.

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The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you.
Summary: TOKYO/BERLIN, May 20, SPA -- A senior euro zone official said on Thursday financial markets were acting irrationally over the euro area&'s debt problems and while he was concerned about the fall in the euro, immediate action was not needed, according to Reuters.
IJ argues that the compensation ban denies equal protection "by arbitrarily and irrationally treating renewable bone-marrow cells like nonrenewable solid organs such as kidneys, instead of treating them like other renewable or inexhaustible cells such as blood cells, sperm cells, and egg cells for which compensated donation is legal.
Highlighting one rule per chapter, Dickerson illustrates his theories for small business success, including "Rule #1: Adequate Is Not Adequate" and "Rule #48: People Buy Emotionally And Justify Irrationally.
In the last few months, FGB shares have been irrationally traded in the market resulting in share price decline by more than 50%.
Not every one who has a charging order made against them will lose their home, but why should companies that have previously behaved irrationally and irresponsibly before be allowed to make a quick buck now.
Throughout BBC2's very funny The Class System and Me, big John came over as industrially dim and irrationally aggressive.
Love throws a wrench in his plans, and he soon finds himself irrationally chasing after one.
Saying he was not irrationally upbeat, he added, "We have an incredible habit of talking ourselves into a worse place than we are in.
Although the Iranians are professional and diligent bargainers on the regional issues, they never act irrationally, he added.
Jews reacted irrationally and emotionally to a prayer that many regarded as a call for their conversion, a Vatican cardinal said on Wednesday, assuring them the Church's policy of respect had not changed.
Instead, economics seems as emotionally charged as a room full of 14-year-old girls: irrationally exuberant, irrationally depressed, finding deep meaning--positive or negative, depending on the day's prevailing mood--in the smallest of clues.