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Systemic review: Natural history of irritable bowel syndrome.
Prevalence and factors associated with irritable bowel syndrome among medical students of Karachi, Pakistan: a cross-sectional study.
3,13) However, epidemiological, in vitro and animal studies strongly suggest pathogenic potential of the parasite(3,13,19) and also a link between Blastocystis hominis and irritable bowel syndrome.
The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) according to Manning and Rome II criteria,13 and to investigate the frequency of symptoms compatible with this condition among male students studying in secondary schools for boys in AlJouf province of Saudi Arabia.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is commoner in young adult males and shows a positive co-relation with a history of prior acute enteritis.
Colonic motility abnormality in patients with irritable bowel syndrome exhibiting abdominal pain and diarrhea.
As far as treatment for constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome goes, bulking agents such as fiber and psyllium improve colonic transit and ease stool passage.
Irritable bowel syndrome in office-based practice in the United States.
The chronic idiopathic constipation drug Amitiza (lubiprostone) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in women 18 years and older, making it the only prescription drug available for irritable bowel syndrome with constipation.