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any skin disorder, such as scabies, characterized by intense itching



a distressing sensation caused by constant weak irritation of the cutaneous nerve endings that are pain receptors and accompanied by the need to scratch the skin.

Itching may be stimulated by a number of metabolic products—for example, bile acids in jaundice. There is localized and universal (generalized) itching. Localized itching is found in certain inflammatory diseases of the skin. Causes of universal itching may be diseases of the skin proper, diseases of various internal organs (jaundice, diabetes mellitus); certain allergic states, and decrease in function of the sex glands. The very notion of a habitual source of itching familiar through past experience (for example, an insect bite) may produce the corresponding sensation of itching (conditioned-reflex itching). Itching may be chronic or come in attacks lasting from a few hours to many weeks. Scratching leads to disruption of the integrity of surface layers of the skin and to infection of itching areas, which may cause a secondary inflammatory disease of the skin.

Treatment of an itch consists in eliminating the disease that is causing it. Sedatives (bromine, valerian, calcium preparations) are prescribed and menthol and sea baths are applied externally. Hormone preparations are used for climacteric and geriatric itching. Localized itching can be prevented by the observance of personal hygiene.



An irritating cutaneous sensation allied to pain.
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Clinicians and public health professionals must consider microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis as a differential diagnosis for conditions of field athletes who exhibit eye redness accompanied by eye pain, discharge, swelling, or itchiness after exposure to soil or mud.
One of these itchy receptors, called MrgA3, binds the anti-malaria drug chloroquine, causing serious itchiness in many patients.
n Avoid excessive heat and wear loose clothing when you go out because it can increase itchiness and rashes.
They occasionally provide a relatively inexpensive and quick answer to the itchiness, but patient response is variable and unpredictable.
Continue topical corticosteroids until the redness is gone, not just the itchiness.
Use an antiseptic for the scalp that contains natural oils to soothe the itchiness and to prevent bacteria from forming in the scalp.
Frequent cool showers or baths immediately followed by moisturizing can help relieve particularly bad bouts of itchiness.
It also relieves allergies and itchiness and is a stain remover and overall odor eliminator.
Even if you are super careful, you might still wind up with itchiness or a pimple-like sore.
They describe the sensations as feeling like something is crawling under the skin of their legs, as itchiness, as a series of shocks or as outright pain.
His origin as a South African Jew must certainly have contributed to this itchiness.
Saxon likens GE2 to connecting the gas pedal and brakes of a car: both are engaged, with the net effect of a slowing or cessation of allergic reactions such as sneezing, swelling, wheezing, itchiness, inflammation, and anaphylactic shock.