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any plant of the iridaceous genus Ixia, of southern Africa, having showy ornamental funnel-shaped flowers



a genus of southern African corms of the family Iridaceae. The leaves of Ixia are sparse, filiform or ensiform; the floriferous shoots are simple or branched; and the blossoms are for the most part regular, variously colored, and fragrant. There are more than 40 species growing in the Cape of Good Hope region; many of them have been used in floriculture for more than 200 years, especially for forcing. Many forms and varieties of complex hybrid origin are grouped under the general name Ixia hybrida.

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Ixia and the Ixia four-petal logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Ixia.
Ixia's development of the NGY 10GE load module simplifies the integration of IxN2X and Ixia solutions by allowing both sets of applications to run on unifying hardware," commented Rajiv Papneja, Director of Technology at Isocore.
This combination of the N2X line and Ixia hardware reinforces Ixia's commitment to preserve the IxN2X roadmap.
Ixia will show where these advancements appear in the data center and how operators can ensure that they are tested properly prior to deployment.
Ixia is the only test vendor with dozens of deployments of its "K2" 40/100 GE test solution.
As recognized experts in their respective technological areas, Ixia and NTT DOCOMO are leading the industry in validating and ensuring successful LTE network deployments.
Additional information on IxCatapult, IxLoad, and Ixia's wireless testing solution can be obtained on the Ixia web site.
I'm excited about the prospect of what our passionate Ixia and N2X development teams can yet achieve working together with our customers," said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Ixia.
WASHINGTON -- On Sunday, October 25, Ixia will participate in the MPLS 2009 Public Interoperability Demonstration at booth #200, featuring technologies for:
Ixia welcomes Agilent N2X customers to the Ixia family," said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO, Ixia.
Ixia today announced an innovative combination of wireless and wireline test tools.
Ixia (NASDAQ:XXIA), a leading, global provider of IP performance test systems, today announced that its "K2" 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) solution was awarded Interop Japan's Best of Show "Grand Prix" while its next generation Acceleron[TM]-NP load module, which provides the industry with an unmatched level of layer 7 test emulation capacity, garnered Best of Show in the Test and Measurement category.