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Our oversized jacquard towels are outstanding gift items.
manufacturers of Jacquard Products, announces the release of their Jacquard Screen Printing Inks.
The acceptance test included a 14-day availability test during which a select group of NERSC users were given full access to the Jacquard cluster to thoroughly test the entire system in production operation.
The inventor of this loom was Joseph-Marie Jacquard.
Kirby prefers jacquard because of its weight and richness.
Navan's Combiweave[R] computerized jacquard process allowed for the integrated weaving of field, border and outfill areas.
There is a Jacquard jacket and pencil skirt available in a very subtle shade of light blue.
In 1801, however, a French inventor, Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752-1834), invented what came to be called the Jacquard loom.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Benjamin Jacquard has been appointed Global Head of Structured Credit Markets.
The new Si27 jacquard is the highest hook capacity jacquard in the Bonas family.