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see jadejade,
common name for either of two minerals used as gems. The rarer variety of jade is jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate, NaAl(SiO3)2, usually white or green in color; the green variety is the more valuable.
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a mineral belonging to the group of alkaline clinopyroxenes; a silicate of so-called chain structure. Its chemical composition is NaAl[Si2O6], and it contains slight admixtures of CaO, FeO, and MgO. It usually forms very dense, grainy, tough cryptocrystalline masses that range in color from white and bluish white to apple green. The coloring is often spotty. Jadeite is semitranslucent and very similar to nephrite. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 6.5–7.0, and its density is 3,300–3,400 kg/m3.

Jadeite is rare. It forms in alkaline metamorphic rocks and, less frequently, in contact-metamorphic complexes of rock associated with alkaline metasomatism. The largest known deposits are in Burma. In the USSR it is found in Kazakhstan and in the Pamirs. It is a valuable industrial stone, which has been used since ancient times for jewelry and artistic and decorative articles.


NaAl(SiO3)2 A clinopyroxene mineral occurring as green, fibrous monoclinic crystals; the most valuable variety of jade.
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OPPOSITE: Clockwise from top, rose necklace by Wendy Yue at Fragments in New York City; pomegranate ruby, diamond and gemstone brooch from Carnet Jewellry by Michelle Ong; from the Fluttery Series by Wallace Chan, the Painted Lady butterfly brooch with jadeite body and wings of diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies.
Colours of nephrite and jadeite range from the best known greens to white, yellow, red, blue, grey and black.
The Burmese jadeite and ruby trades are very different from one another and significantly involve China and Thailand.
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However, it has since been discovered that the long polished relics, made of green jadeite stone, date as far back as the Neolithic period.
One of the most impressive objects on display has been released from storage: a mosaic skull from Western Oaxaca or Puebla, a human skull with inlaid turquoise, jadeite and shell.
Rows of stone Buddhas and murals in jadeite and marble lined royal walls.
Many of the ancient cultures of Central America used a type of jade, called jadeite, in their art.
The "inventions" to build range from activities like making Mexican hot chocolate to creating a burial mask, a 3-D compass, a loom, a jadeite necklace, a royal jaguar cape, or a calendar wheel, to playing a game of chance called bul.
Today, the Olmecs are best known for large stone monuments, small objects carved from jadeite and other semiprecious stones, and complex architecture in towns and cities.