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see civetcivet
or civet cat,
any of a large group of mostly nocturnal mammals of the Old World family Viverridae (civet family), which also includes the mongoose. Civets are not true cats, but the civet family is related to the cat family (Felidae).
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(vertebrate zoology)
The common name for nine species of small, arboreal African carnivores in the family Viverridae.


Jean . 1910--86, French dramatist and novelist; his novels include Notre-Dame des Fleurs (1944) and his plays Les Bonnes (1947) and Le Balcon (1956)
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Gary Barlow |could be playing at the weddings of Gemma and Jon (top), Jennet and Dave (middle) and Vicky and Barry (bottom)
Everything from burying corpses with payment for Charon to saying the correct words over gravesites have been conducted to ensure that death happened the right way for individuals and they did not become lost wandering souls or worse, like Jennet.
Por todo ello, el juez (con el alcalde ausente) invita a Jennet a escaparse antes de que luzca el sol y ella a su vez invita a Tomas a acompanarla.
But what provoked Jennet to give the testimonies she did, and condemn those to whom she was closest, to almost certain death?
Coastguard watch officer Jennet Chisholm warned dog owners to keep their pets on a lead.
They were betrayed to the authorities by a nine-year-old girl, Jennet Device, who was present at the meeting and testified against her own brothers and sisters, mother and grandmother, claiming the feast was a 'witches Sabbat'.
Women's finals: DPS, Sharjah, 49 (Juliet Johny 18, Najat Abdul Wahab 11, Umaira Thasneem 7, Jennet Johny 6, Roshanara Anwar 5, Diksha 2) beat Trishco Jaguars: 22 ( Roshini 9, Shwetha 5, Christeen 2, Susmitha 2, Shreya 2 and Amritha 2).
Not far from the camp, in a concrete apartment block within Istanbul but, like Vakha's house, in a location I was requested not to mention, seated across from me was Jennet.
After the funeral half of Mr Jones' ashes were placed alongside his grandparents Henry and Jennet Lloyd in Porthcawl Cemetery.
The online promotions were great and the site for inquiries on products is user friendly," said Jennet Rozul, one of this campaign's winners.
The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington, by Jennet Conant, Simon and Schuster, 385 pages, $27.
But even after Pearl Harbor, as Jennet Conant describes in her mostly entertaining new book, The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington, "a certain amount of ambivalence, if not residual anti-British sentiment," still prevailed.