jet engine exhaust

jet efflux

The gases flowing from the exhaust nozzle. Also called jet blast and jet engine exhaust.
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Just the thing to take a drive to the notorious Maho Beach, where people line up against the airport fence for the dubious thrill of being blasted by jet engine exhaust.
Based on this statement, this research provides an enhanced discussion on jet engine exhaust.
The jet engine exhaust that consists of temperature and velocity for drag and lift during the take-off process is essential to an aircraft.
The increasing gross weight of aircraft requires higher thrust, which produces a greater velocity of the jet engine exhaust.
Washington, May 13 (ANI): Experts from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, US, have shed light onto how sunlight transforms jet engine exhaust to potentially toxic particles.
The AFRL contract is a SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Phase I project that will develop a fast response fabric test facility to simulate the aircraft jet engine exhaust conditions.
Of note here are curved turboprop propeller blades renowned for their fuel efficiency, and a new jet engine exhaust that effectively reduced the noise level of equipment used in smaller power plants.
Schneider is being awarded for his work on the F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle, which tests the use of thrust vectoring - changing the direction of jet engine exhaust - in increasing an aircraft's maneuverability.
Toward that end, NASA gathered four planes and 120 scientists in Kansas during April and May to make the most detailed measurements yet of jet engine exhaust at cruising altitude.
Recently, LaSalle and his colleagues used MPI on an aerospace flow body part that directs jet engine exhaust to other parts of the plane such as heating the passenger cabin.
One such coating is already being flight-tested on the McDonnell Douglas Harrier aircraft to provide thermal protection from the jet engine exhaust during vehicle take-off.
The Airport Systems Series 1200 Sign was selected because of its low power consumption and unique swinging sign face design which helps prevent sign blowovers caused by jet engine exhaust.