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The Jewel Box showcases Chanel Fine Jewelry in a faux 18th-century Parisian apartment.
MoMA's curator of architecture, Barry Bergdoll, spoke with regret last year about how the small museum had been 'designed as a jewel box for folk art'.
Six Eugene Ballet Academy graduating seniors dance for the last time in "The Jewel Box," a performance beginning at 5 p.
8 ( ANI ): Katie Price showed off her incredible body in an all-white ensemble, as she posed in front of a fancy jewel box to launch her new jewellery range, KP Rocks, in London.
Kismet (pictured) is a one-light sconce housed in a jewel box frame made of cast iron that is suitable for lighting a corridor, bedroom dining room or bath-room.
The show's writer Heidi Thomas said: "For me, going back to Eaton Place feels like opening a jewel box - the house is packed with gems.
Niche Hospitality Group has closed The Jewel Box, 139 Green St.
The Jewel Box may be visually colorful in images taken on Earth, but observing from space allows the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to capture light of shorter wavelengths than can not be seen by telescopes on the ground.
The pieces featured from The Jewel Box are available at the Antiques For Everyone show, which will also have a wide range of furniture pieces and clothing - including wedding dresses.
What we think: Exquisite, mod edible treasures made in a jewel box of a chocolaterie?
Recorded on location in 2005, and produced by Fernando Trueba and Nat Chediak, the gems pour out of Bebo's jewel box with a delicacy and care that display the timelessness of his repertoire, showcasing classics like Sabor a Mi, Siboney, El Manisero, and others.
You put a beautiful carpet in a jewel box and that's magic.