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(US), jimmy
a short steel crowbar used, esp by burglars, for forcing doors and windows

crowbar, crow

A steel bar, one end of which is flattened; sometimes slightly bent; used for heavy prying, and as a lever for moving heavy objects.
References in classic literature ?
But Jimmy told him that such was the case nevertheless, although he seldom came into the bay, and scarcely ever went back from the beach.
But how is he to cross the mountain with us,' replied Jimmy,
Giuseppe and Jimmy did as they were told, the monkey following them with a wary and malignant eye.
He's throwing himself on the mercy of the Court, me lud," said Jimmy.
But Martin restored the blonde to Jimmy, and the three of them, with half a dozen friends, watched the revolving couples and laughed and joked with one another.
Jimmy and others of the gang were running toward them.
At Maggie's door Anna said, as usual: "Be ready at seven, sharp, Mag; and Jimmy and me'll come by for you.
Thanks, Anna," said Maggie; "but you and Jimmy needn't bother to- night.
I studied with Jimmy, and kept up with him, for father let us be together in all our lessons.
I don't think I got on much; but Jimmy did, and every one loved him.
exclaimed Jimmy Bean tersely and uncomprehendingly, but admiringly.
Jimmy Hollis went over his armament and ammunition to see that nothing had been omitted.