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After all, does anybody seriously believe another nation - t he floundering Aussies, perhaps, or the labouring Russians - finding themselves in our position, wouldn't adopt jingoism as a default position for six months or so, getting all jingy-jingy at every opportunity?
If flag-waving is viewed as a show of patriotism or harmless jingoism in other countries, it conjures up very different memories in Germany.
Patriotism may have led Del Tredici to the famous Longfellow poem ("Listen my children and you shall hear"), but his grand and colorful setting for soprano, chorus, and orchestra is more fantasy than jingoism.
But rather than relive the jingoism of the 1980s, American policy makers would be wise to take a cue from the Asian innovators and implement new policies to close the digital divide at home and with the rest of the world.
It gave us a good chance to discuss the difference between a healthy pride in one's nation and jingoism, not to mention people's individual color and pattern preferences
No, the motivation is not compassion or justice but jingoism, the feeling that the national honor--that is, the honor of the American nation-state--has been offended.
for the puppet parody of American jingoism remains to be seen.
The Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English flags of Great Britain, together with a glorious array of Union Jacks were energetically waved at every opportunity, with gust and sheer unadulterated jingoism.
The Scottish, Welsh and English flags of Great Britain, together with a glorious array of Union Flags, were energetically waved at every opportunity with gusto and unadulterated jingoism.
It also seemed to me that the whole event was an excuse to whip up distasteful jingoism.
2 Heterodox in religion, ecologically minded, critical of American jingoism, and open to androgyny, Seton admirably foreshadowed much of late twentieth-century progressive opinion, but the BSA expelled him in 1915 for noncitizenship.