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(jĭnē`), feminine


(jĭnēyä`), plural


(jĭn), in Arabic and Islamic folklore, spirit or demon endowed with supernatural power. In ancient belief the jinn were associated with the destructive forces of nature. In Islamic tradition they were corporeal spirits similar to men in appearance but having certain supernatural powers, especially those of changing in size and shape. Capable of both good and evil, the jinn were popular in literatures of the Middle East, notably in the stories of the Thousand and One Nights. The term genie is the English form and is sometimes confused with the Roman genius.


, jinnee, djinni, djinny
a being or spirit in Muslim belief who could assume human or animal form and influence man by supernatural powers
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Khoury's fantasy world of shape-shifting Jinnis and human political intrigue is consistent and convincing.
According to Al-nathr, it is a shaitan (evil jinni) which eats people; others mention that it is any jinni or shaitan that misleads people (Alzabidi 30: 130).
Exquisite Captive is the first novel in the 'Dark Passage' trilogy set in Arjinna, the land of the jinni casts: the Ghan Aisouri, Marid, Djan, Shaitan and Ifrit.
However, opponents refuse to make magic a legal argument in a court of law and insist that people are responsible for their acts and that claiming that someone is possessed by a jinni or an evil spirit does not mean he or she is innocent and can therefore get away with illegal acts.
The title characters of The Golem and the Jinni are not the book's only magic.
net, Jinni will also act in the drama "Al Mashhad Al Akheer" (The Last Scene).
Belgacom partnered with Jinni in September 2010 and took part in the startup's second round of funding, in early 2011.
The jinni is has emerged from the lamp and, like us, he's going to go forwards.
ADPnews) - Sep 10, 2010 - Belgian telecoms operator Belgacom SA (EBR:BELG) said today it signed two exclusive strategic partnerships for Belgium and Luxembourg with Jinni and in3Depth Systems for the build-up of its future platform Belgacom Entertainment.
The Singer machines have been fetching outrageous prices since rumors spread that they contain red mercury, a mythical compound that - depending on whom you ask - can bring luck, combat or control jinni or is a valuable key ingredient in nuclear weapons.
The international make-up artists who will be appearing over the week include Karen Mason, Amanda Bell and Jinni Brogeda.
The spring, however, appeared to have sprung sometime during the Spanish-American War, and just sorta laid there, occasionally jumping out of place when Jinni hacked up a hairball.