Joint venture

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Joint venture

A legal arrangement in which two or more parties undertake to share the risks and rewards of a project on an agreed upon basis.

joint venture

A collaborative undertaking by two or more persons or organizations for a specific project (or projects) having many of the legal characteristics of a partnership.
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Marc Holliday, President and Chief Executive Officer of SL Green said, "The sale of 180 Madison will allow SL Green to realize significant gains from the final transaction in our highly successful joint venture with Morgan Stanley Real Estate.
Careful consideration of these issues and thoughtful drafting can overcome the difficulties, but the increased time and effort involved is one reason why the transaction costs of a joint venture and the time it takes to put together a successful one can greatly exceed those required for an outright acquisition.
501(c)(3), even though it had entered into a joint venture with a for-profit partner; St.
Definitive joint venture agreements are expected to be signed in May and will be subject to approval by various government regulatory agencies, including in the U.
Duhamel endorses joint ventures as a way for small companies to enter international markets.
Virtually any manufacturer partner in a joint venture can find enough good uses for the cash to more than justify its equity investment.
98-15 have broad application to any joint venture between a tax-exempt entity and a forprofit entity.
None of the officers, directors or key employees of the hospital involved with the decision to form the joint venture should be promised employment or any other inducement.
Parent and FP have agreed to combine their respective B operations into a worldwide joint venture to develop, manufacture and market B products.
The hospital lent to the joint venture one-fourth of its initial funding at a fair market interest rate and its liability was limited to its loan plus its equity capital contribution.

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