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(civil engineering)
A steel or wood beam providing direct support for a floor.


One of a series of parallel timber beams used to support floor and ceiling loads, and supported in turn by larger beams, girders, or bearing walls; the widest dimension is placed in the vertical plane.

ceiling joist

Any joist which carries a ceiling; one of several small beams to which the ceiling of a room is attached. They are mortised into the sides of the main beams or suspended from them by strap hangers.

floor joist

Any joist or series of joists which supports a floor.

solid-web joist

A conventional joist with a solid web formed by a plate or rolled section, as opposed to an open-web joist.

trimming joist

A joist supporting one end of a header at the edge of an opening in a floor or roof frame, parallel to the other common joists.


joists in a flooring system
One of a series of parallel beams of timber, reinforced concrete, or steel used to support floor and ceiling loads, and supported in turn by larger beams, girders, or bearing walls; the widest dimension is vertically oriented. Also see binding joist, boarding joist, bridging joist, ceiling joist, common joist, floor joist, principal joist, sleeper joist.
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Pull the wiring through and, holding the rose in place, screw it into the joists, being careful not to over tighten the screws.
When one end of all floor joists is supported by a beam, the common design deflection limit of span/480 under live residential loading is inadequate in ensuring that the beam flexural rigidity provides a 'rigid' support.
Because the old boards have been cut just short of the joists, when you fit the replacement boards you'll need to fit fillets to the side of the joists and nail the new boards into these.
With the support I have received from Mopar and the Dodge brands, and now from Open Joist and Universal Forest Products, we certainly have the resources to win championships," says Kahne.
The project has culminated in the publication of a new Special Profile Joist Catalog that includes illustrations, charts and guidelines to support the expanded specification tables representing over 57,000 design possibilities.
Its present state is down to a combination of some bricks being able to cantilever from the party wall and the ceiling joists not yet taking all of the load, but eventually gravity will win.
It is a high-performance fastener that allows architects and builders to provide their clients with clean, uniform and long lasting metal joist decks - something that was previously not possible without considerable time and effort.
The joist and joist girder system supports the solar panels while limiting the required number of supports and the overall steel tonnage required, as well as minimizing the number of columns required to maintain an open space below.
Fix the board to the joist with nails or screws, using two fixings at each point that the board crosses a joist.
Set each of your joists about 5mm apart, sitting them on two side ledger beams.
Interest at the show was exceptional for the 225i product and LP SolidStart LSL as rim board and floor joists, resulting not only in product orders but also in the addition of a number of new stocking dealer locations," said Al Huber, International Sales Manager.
However, unlike conventional construction with individually placed rafters, the joists would be doubled at the panel edges after panel placement.