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a circus art; the ability to toss up and catch several objects (no less than three) in a certain rhythm.

Juggling was practiced in China, Japan, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. During the Middle Ages, juggling acts were performed by wandering actors.

In the modern circus juggling is often tied in with acrobatics, tightrope walking, animal training, and clowning. Variations of juggling are performed on the ground (in the pit), on horseback, on ladders, or on the wire. Juggling with great weights is known as force juggling. Jugglers act solo, in twos, and in groups. Many juggling acts are dramatized. E. Rastelli, the great 20th-century juggler who performed in the Rus-sian circus, created complicated tricks and had a great influence on the development of the juggling style. Performers who have been especially successful in the modern Soviet circus include A. N. and V. N. Kiss, the Aberts, G. T. Petrovskii, N. A. Shirai, K. M. Nikol’skii, and the equestrian juggler N. L. Ol’khovnikov.

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Group Juggle Ages: Second Grade+ Formation: Standing Circle Activity Level: Moderate Equipment: Tennis balls or any other soft balls such as beach balls, nerf balls, soccer balls, bean bags, etc.
If an IKEA coworker needs to take time off to find a nursing home for an aging parent, be home to kiss their child before bed, or telecommute to best juggle caring for a newborn, they can do so without worrying about any risk to their career aspirations.
That's really tough for me to juggle,'' said Gatto-McCann, a married mother with two small children.
Chester Cable will juggle a giant fX cube on the streets of San Francisco and the American Tourister Gorilla will hand out fX-stamped bananas at Kid Fest in Concord.
Among the skills being taught in three workshops were how to fly on a trapeze, tumble like an acrobat and juggle a variety of objects.
Youngsters relished the chance to juggle work and play this week.
Some students arrive on campus ill-prepared to handle the rigors of college, which requires maturity and time management skills to juggle a load of classes.
Growing up in Lampeter was boring, there wasn't much to do, so when Toby started teaching himself how to juggle, I joined in,'' explained Jamie.
AWARD-WINNING clown Whimmy Walker says he can juggle almost anything - and is challenging Coventry people to prove him wrong.
We have two teachers: Mr Richardson and Mrs Smith who have taught the pupils how to juggle, balance plates on a stick and the most enjoyable, balance a peacock feather on their nose, or as an added challenge, balance it on any part on their body
And having a baby halfway through her course gave her little option but to juggle home life with essays.