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The only person who offered enough to make it worth her while to try juvenile literature was a worthy gentleman who felt it his mission to convert all the world to his particular belief.
De Rosa addresses this omission in Domestic Abolitionism and Juvenile Literature, 1830-1865.
Adult fiction and juvenile literature accounted for almost 45% of all new titles published by the large trade houses, Bowker said.
He often stands with his legs spread, the genital region discreetly evident") and recycling Comstockian arguments linking juvenile literature to juvenile delinquency.
We now sell pre-1960 juvenile literature, series literature such as Landmark (teaching history through stories), adult non-fiction dealing with gardening, saving money and self-sufficiency, and educational books.
McElderry, this article develops the idea of children's book publishing as a field dominated by strong, often subversive, matriarchal leaders who have advanced the status, and enhanced the quality, of juvenile literature through an intricate female kinship structure.
He was from New Jersey and has now published a tremendous amount of excellent juvenile literature under the name of Walter Dean Myers.
This initial volume covers autobiographies, letters, diaries, and travel literature; future volumes will cover poetry, drama, short fiction, and juvenile literature.
Horatio Alger was a popular American author of juvenile literature in the 19th century.
Watch for upcoming titles from this skilled, creative author of juvenile literature.
Among the topics are approval profiles from a vendor's perspective, information sources and collection planning for engineering, developing a juvenile literature collection in an academic library, supporting the College of Health Sciences and Human Services and the School of Nursing at Murray State University, and collaborating with faculty to weed an entire science and engineering book collection.

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