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(kä`vəkä'və): see pepperpepper,
name for the fruits of several unrelated Old and New World plants used as spices or vegetables or in medicine. Old World (True) Peppers

Black pepper (Piper nigrum
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(also, kavakava, Piper methysticum), a shrub of the family Piperaceae (pepper). It grows on the Polynesian Islands and New Guinea. The local population uses the stems, leaves, and rhyzomes of the plant to make a stimulating and highly intoxicating beverage.

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The MCA says, in 68 cases worldwide, a link has been established between kava kava and liver damage.
He is also beginning to concentrate on recording and producing his own solo album, whilst Kava Kava have a break.
Kava kava (Piper methysticum Forster) is a plant originating from Oceania (Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia).
These actions were consolidated by the Los Angeles Superior Court into: In re Kava Kava Litigation, Case No.
Another pre-party pick-me-up recommended by Mark Jones, manager of the General Nutrition Centres in The Pallasades, is Kava Kava - a member of the pepper family.
John's wort appears to help one out of two people with clinical depression (whether it "cures the blues" for people who aren't clinically depressed is untested), and kava kava may help people with clinical anxiety (it's less certain whether it "relieves daily stress" or helps you relax).
You can also sample a variety of herbal drinks for $6, such as Jah Creme - amaretto and java nut milk on the rocks, mixed with kava kava, valerian, chamomile and hops for a ``meditative meltdown'' in a martini glass.
Supportive herbal ingredients include Valerian, Hops and Kava Kava, among others.
Saturday, December 7, is headlined by electro-rockers Kava Kava with support from fellow local lads Ilovecolour at 7.
The actress Jenny Seagrove teamed up with the National Association for Health Stores to try to overturn the prohibition on kava kava, which she used to cope with sleeplessness .
EXETER, ENGLAND -- Kava kava has been removed from pharmacy shelves in Germany and Switzerland after 24 reports of liver damage were attributed to the herbal supplement, Dr.