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But Villa believes Spain have to keep faith with Torres in Saturday's quarter-final against Paraguay.
Danny's the boy: Smith is set to keep faith with teen star
Saintfiet said he is going to keep faith with the playing style - counter attacking - that has served the team so well.
FORMER Newcastle and England manager Sir Bobby Robson has encouraged troubled former protege Paul Gascoigne to keep faith with treatment for alcohol addiction and depression.
The Crewe and Nantwich by-election is likely to go badly for Labour so it is now up to Mr Brown to show why we should keep faith with him.
What church, what political movement, what counterculture was she supposed to join in order to keep faith with her own best self?
I was raised in the church, am married to a minister and keep faith at the center of my life.
The chances are that Eriksson will keep faith with Owen, who has 27 goals in 63 internationals.
Keeping Faith will probably be of greatest interest to readers who are, like the author, actively involved in their own "search for what it means to have and keep faith.
Significant clock increases and the introduction of Hyper-Threading into mainstream desktop PCs will allow Intel to keep faith with Moore's Law, which implies processor performance should double every 1824 months," said Kevin Krewell, a General Manager with In-Stat/MDR.
And Keegan's decision to keep faith with Wanchope ahead of the former Leeds striker proved spot on.