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A stone forming a curb or part of a curb.
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Market Analysis III-48 Paving Market Overview III-48 Table 66: French Market for Paving Materials by Category (2014E): Percentage Share Breakdown of Value Sales for Asphalt & Bitumen, Cement & Concrete Flagstones/tiles, Glass Paving Blocks, and Natural Stonesetts, Kerbstones & flagstones (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-48 Lafarge - A Key Player III-48 B.
8226; Historic and forecast market values for the paving materials market and its categories (cement & concrete tiles & flagstones, natural stone setts, kerbstones & flagstones, bitumen & asphalt and glass paving blocks) for the period 2009 through to 2018
However, I also spotted a newcomer among the unsolicited, unwanted mail: from a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of grey granite kerbstones
Instead of fancy kerbstones, costly regeneration, or a visit from the parking police, perhaps the people of Lascelles Hall could have a pot of yellow paint, with which to paint two yellow lines down one side of the road where the pavement is, making the road safer at a (brush) stroke.
Weighing just under 6kg, Durakerb kerbstones are considerably lighter than traditional alternatives and they can be laid in the same way but up to four times faster.
The paving slabs and kerbstones awarded big photographs in the full colour guide however are likely to be for geology fans only.
The mound-fill, mainly consisting of head-size stones, covered and hid the passage-grave and its kerbstones until the discovery of the passage-grave in 1699.
At Glynn, another otherwise quaint little spot, the road itself is painted in loyalist slogans and red, white and blue kerbstones.
The kerbstones were pastel at Union Street ahead of the weekend Belfast Pride parade tomorrow.
The lanes are situated 4m away from the kerbstones of the main streets.
Artists from the Concerts 2 Kerbstones project have been exploring music and movement together and supporting families attending events happening on their doorstep.
Grass was dug out and kerbstones were flattened in preparation for the new markings, which appeared over the weekend.