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It is an all-in-one search engine optimization (SEO) tool offering a wide array of functionality across ad-hoc keyword search, ongoing search position monitoring, crawling, custom limits, on-site training and other add-on features.
First, the searchable encryption schemes should support multi-keyword search, and provide the same user experience as searching in Google search with different keywords; single keyword search is far from satisfactory by only returning very limited and inaccurate search results.
Even if the user does not get the precise content desired as demonstrated by the keyword search, the opportunity to offer alternative resources or at least an explanation as to why something is not part of the library's collection will hopefully provide the user with a more positive experience than a "no results" message.
Buyers can also start a keyword search and use one of the results as a reference to further filter the search.
In one case involving nearly 20 million electronic documents, the court upheld keyword searching as a method for the first phase of identifying relevant documents, with predictive coding then applied to the remainder, over objections from the plaintiffs who argued the keyword search may have eliminated relevant ESI.
The GoldMiner search engine applies both a keyword search and a concept search and returns images found using either technique.
The new keyword search function complements existing search features, which allow searches via subject guides and also by date of publication.
In particular, the study collected data about users' search sessions in response to assigned search tasks, and users' perceptions of searching with CBR and keyword search interfaces.
Never mind that the keyword search also produced Yale University's ITS billing system Web site, called "Liberty System.
The visual prominence of individual retrieval mechanisms (for example, positioning of keyword search boxes or subject directories) in our experience plays an important role in determining their relative levels of usage (see, for example, Bilal, 2000; Large, Beheshti, & Breuleux, 1998).
Until now, computers have not been able to enhance the user's querying capacity beyond the keyword search function to understand the meaning and context that is created when words are used in special combinations with other words.
Subscribers, for instance, can keyword search the summaries for access to the mass tort litigators' key pleadings from litigation such as asbestos, MTBE, fen-phen, Baycol and mold.