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see staff treestaff tree,
common name for some temperate members of the Celastraceae, a family of trees and shrubs (many of them climbing forms), widely distributed except in polar regions.
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But when he was asked whether he had been given anything to carry, he immediately admitted: "Yes, I've got khat in there.
Khat (Catha edulis): health aspects of khat chewing.
Khat is a leafy drug chewed to produce an affect similar to amphetamine.
Business is good," says Zahre, a so-called khat mamma of 22 years who runs a stall in central Hargeisa.
It is alleged they were concerned with concealing 2,400kg of khat - a plant used as a stimulant - evading an importation ban on the illegal drug.
Meantime, the Syrian soldiers shot down an ISIL drone in Khat al-Betrol in the Southeastern parts of the town of Aqarib in al-Salamiyah region.
But a source told Live From Mogadishu, a breaking news reporter, that the ban on khat imports from Kenya was a security measure in place because of an upcoming international event that's scheduled to take place this weekend in Somalia's capital city.
Fresh leaves of Khat contain two psychoactive constituents which are the stimulant cathinone and cathine.
For visitors who came from as far as the hinterland of Lake Turkana, the botanical stimulant--known as khat or qat in Somalia, Yemen and Djibouti; chat in Ethiopia, and whose formal scientific name is Catha edulis--was a rare treat reinforcing the ties of Active kinship underpinning their diverse communities.
The plant of Gulf Printing and Packaging Company, subsidiary of Al Khat Packaging Company, is coming up at the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) and is the Kuwait company's first plant outside Kuwait.
La generale de la piece [beaucoup moins que] El khat el asfar [beaucoup plus grand que] (La ligne jaune), montee par le theatre regional de Sidi Bel Abbes, a ete presentee, hier, sur les planches du theatre regional de Constantine (TRC).
TRACK legend Mo Farah admits he took the banned stimulant khat.