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1. A board placed around a platform or on a sloping roof to prevent workmen or materials from falling.
2. A member that forms the lowest vertical face of a kitchen cabinet, or the like, at toe level.
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He nodded, passing the red kickboard between his hands.
Kickboard, in New Orleans, has an outstanding user experience honed in New Orleans' 100 percent charter environment, while Pear Deck from Iowa City has created a new presentation tool that connects to students' devices to make student assessment real-time.
Gradeable integrates seamlessly with existing gradebooks like Aspen X2, Kickboard, and PowerTeacher.
What happened was that Simon "simply stopped swimming with his head resting on the kickboard several seconds after he left the pool gutter to begin the flutter-kick exercise.
The kitchen is fitted with under-cupboard lighting, integrated LED lights to the kickboard, integrated oven, gas hob, extractor unit, dishwasher and tiled floor with under floor heating.
Abby West, Tyger Gruber, ShaiLynn Ramey and Benjamin Zeller combined to win the 100 free relay for the Highlanders, and North's Cassie Serra, Jacob Locke, Hunter Moore and Sean Steindorf won the 100 kickboard relay.
In his left hand was an old, dingy orange foam kickboard.
2) Swimming instructor Katie Meservey helps Thomson Rugema, 11, of Worcester use a kickboard yesterday at Assumption College.
As she finished a 500 on a kickboard earlier that day at practice, Taralee saw Coach Mark conspiring with some of the other 16-and-ups.
clockwise from above) Skatecycle; LandRoller Skates; Tramp-It Jump Shoes; Loaded Dervish Bamboo Longboard; Micro Kickboard Monster Scooter; Trikke T12
Indoors or outdoors, whether pushing a kickboard or bouncing a beach ball.