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in law, the taking away of a person by force, threat, or deceit, with intent to cause him to be detained against his will. Kidnapping may be done for ransomransom,
price of redemption demanded by the captor of a person, vessel, or city. In ancient times cities frequently paid ransom to prevent their plundering by captors. The custom of ransoming was formerly sanctioned by law.
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 or for political or other purposes. A parent whose legal rights to custody of a child have been revoked can be guilty of the crime for taking the child. Consent of a kidnapped person is a defense, unless given by one legally incompetent at the time (e.g., a minor or a mentally ill person). The crime differs from abduction, in that the intent of sexual intercourse is not required, and from false imprisonment, in which there is no attempt to abduct.

Under common law kidnapping was only a misdemeanormisdemeanor,
in law, a minor crime, in contrast to a felony. At common law a misdemeanor was a crime other than treason or a felony. Although it might be a grave offense, it did not affect the feudal bond or take away the offender's property. By the 19th cent.
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, but in most states of the United States it is now punishable by death or life imprisonment if there are no extenuating circumstances. The kidnapping and murder of the son of Charles A. LindberghLindbergh, Charles Augustus,
1902–74, American aviator who made the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight, b. Detroit; son of Charles A. Lindbergh (1859–1924). He left the Univ. of Wisconsin (1922) to study flying.
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 in 1932 led to a federal statute prescribing severe penalties for transporting the victims of kidnapping across state or national boundaries. The practice of kidnapping, in the wider and not strictly legal sense, has been known since the beginnings of history. It was common as a method for procuring slaves, and it has also been employed by brigands and revolutionaries to obtain money through ransom or to hold hostages whose safe release was dependent on the freeing of political prisoners.


The main theme in abduction dreams is fear. The dreamer may be afraid of losing a very important part of himself or of losing his safest and most familiar surroundings. Also, the dreamer may be afraid of leaving his home, childhood, familiar support group, or long-standing ideas. These types of dreams may be most prevalent during times of psychological or physical transition and during stressful times of life when the future is somewhat uncertain. Consider the details of your dream and try to isolate and identify the fear that created the dream.
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These are the two ways in which virtual kidnapping differs from a crime in which someone is actually abducted.
Minister of Interior's Assistant Mahmoud Farouk, however, said the numbers of children kidnappings reported on social media are not accurate, and are a mix of reports on criminal kidnapping, escaped children, disappearances without criminal acts and in-family kidnappings.
The Bhartiya Janata Party today launched a massive assault on the government for the kidnapping of doctor couple and described it a breakdown of law and order situation in the state.
The Observatory reported similar details on the kidnapping, but said it was not immediately clear how many people were being held.
As for the pirates kidnapping, travellers are being warned against commercial vessels, including luxury cruise liners travelling off the coast of Somalia, Yemen, Gulf of Guinea, Mindanao and in the Sulu Sea Philippines.
In closely analyzing intelligence relating to an estimated thirty thousand Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion incidents, twenty-four (24) countries have now been placed in the most dangerous category where the threat of Kidnapping for Ransom and Extortion is considered very high.
Many of the arrests occurred following the March 25 kidnapping of an Italian national employed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
They termed his kidnapping as a matter of great concern.
Asking Ramdev to approach the law and order authorities and give them answers in the kidnapping case, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh denied Ramdev's claims, and said that the ruling party had no hand in the charges levelled by him and his brother.
It was later reported that the kidnapping victims were members of the IRG.
BEIRUT: Amid heavy security presence, relatives of the hostages kidnapped in Azaz staged a sit-in outside the residence of Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain al-Tineh Tuesday to protest the detaining of three of their relatives for the kidnapping of two Turkish pilots.
The journey of kidnapping included humiliation, torture and many violations of International law.