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(US), kilometer
one thousand metres, equal to 0.621371 miles.



a multiple of the meter, which is a unit of length in the International System of Units; equal to 1,000 m and abbreviated km. 1 km = 0.93738 Russian verst = 0.62137 British statute mile = 0.53996 nautical mile.


A unit of length equal to 1000 meters. Abbreviated km.


A measure of distances whose length is 1/10,000 part of the average distance between the equator and either pole and is equivalent to 3280 ft.
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different operators may have recorded differently the number of groups when deer were unevenly dispersed on a meadow), we chose not to use the kilometric indices of Garel et al.
Two Chanic west-verging anticlines of kilometric scale affected rocks of the Las Lagunitas Formation and developed under low-grade metamorphic conditions.
No reliable stratigraphic markers were identified to quantify the displacement, but kilometric displacement is considered unlikely due to the lack of major stratigraphic breaks along the fault.
Several different emission patterns were detected, collectively termed "cometary kilometric radiation' and ranging from intense, sporadic bursts of broad-band noise to continuously rising and falling tones.
This single-deal master purchase order agreement will consist of the renovation of the 5 automatic brine sprinkler systems located at kilometric points 108, 123, 257, 264 and 407 of the a4 motorway.
I also appreciate planners that leave a little space to jot down significant moments, or things we're grateful for at the end of the day (although some days need a separate journal for kilometric entries
Every time we ask a question, you give a kilometric answer that goes East, South, North, West.
The tail of this thrust is not exposed, therefore the tectonic displacement cannot be deduced, although its magnitude is certainly kilometric.
1991: Kilometric index as biological indicator for monitoring forest roe deer populations.
Washington, Jan 2 (ANI): Saturn's moon Enceladus may be causing periodic bursts of radiation, known as the Saturn kilometric radiation (SKR) in the planet's magnetosphere.