Kinematic Viscosity

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kinematic viscosity

[¦kin·ə¦mad·ik vi′skäs·əd·ē]
(fluid mechanics)
The absolute viscosity of a fluid divided by its density. Also known as coefficient of kinematic viscosity.

Kinematic Viscosity


(also kinematic modulus of viscosity), the ratio of the conventional modulus of viscosity η (also called the dynamic coefficient) to the density of the substance ρ; it is designated by ν. In the International System of Units the unit of kinematic viscosity is m2/sec. A fractional unit of kinematic viscosity, cm2/sec, is called the stokes: 1 m2/sec = 104 stokes.

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The thermal oxidation of rapeseed oil preceding the end of the induction period does not affect the oil's kinematic viscosity because the compounds responsible for increasing the viscosity have not yet formed (Fig.
Only B25Us_irr blend's kinematic viscosity shows lower values than those of diesel fuel in the process of ultrasonic irradiation (after 350 seconds).
ASTM D445-09 Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity), ASTM Int.
Various parameters of the selected oils are: silicone oil, molecular is Polydimethylsiloxane oxygen alkanol, Molecular weight is about 2000, kinematic viscosity is 200 x [10-.
In addition, field pennycress methyl esters didn't meet the CEN standard for kinematic viscosity (a measure of thickness), but were within the range specified in the ASTM standard.
p] are the density, viscosity, kinematic viscosity thermal conductivity and specific heat if the fluid at constant pressure, t is the time, [sigma] the electrical conductivity of the fluid and [[mu].
n = kinematic viscosity, centistokes (cs), which varies with temperature
injection pressure ([DELTA]P), nozzle angle ([alpha]) and fuel properties (fuel density [rho] and kinematic viscosity [upsilon]).
Within a limited range, the dependence of oil phase kinematic viscosity on temperature can be represented by (Butler, 1985):
It also can be used to track other critical analyses performed on biodiesel including the concentration of light metals, sulfur and phosphorous, as well as the values for flash point, kinematic viscosity and cetane number.