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see body languagebody language,
nonverbal communication by means of facial expessions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like. Body language expresses emotions, feelings, and attitudes, sometimes even contradicting the messages conveyed by spoken language.
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Kinesics and Context: Essays on Body Motion Communication.
1996) find that effective negotiators are particularly good at controlling (consciously or subconsciously) their kinesic messages and at the same time adjusting to the many nonverbal signals they receive from the opposing negotiator(s).
Despite the considerable confusion and misunderstanding that is possible with kinesic cues, mainly because of racial or cultural differences, they "still remain one of the most effective and heavily relied on nonverbal codes" according to certain researchers.
The peculiar characteristics of monastic sign language imply that gestures within this system are of a special kinesic kind: consciously learned body movements, made mainly with the head, the face, the hands and the limbs, and serving as a primary and prescribed communicative tool, instead of having a merely informative or idiosyncratic function (Poyatos 1977: 205-206).
Relation of psychopathology and bilingualism to kinesic aspects of interview behavior in schizophrenia.
lingual, musical, and kinesic modes (since these are most direct, and the
The Human Markup Language (HumanML) will embed contextual human characteristics (cultural, social, kinesic, psychological and intentional features) within information.
As Smollett puts it, Ferdinand experiences his fear as "more tormenting than the stab of a real dagger," it comes to him in the highly kinesic shape of "filips," and his own threats to the landlady eject themselves in "volleys.
They discuss an attorney's demeanor, verbal communications, paralinguistic communications, kinesic communications, relationship with the client, and storytelling.
For example, they can use appropriate kinesic (body movements) and proxemic (relative distance) aspects of the language and culture.
For decades there have been linguists who proclaimed the significant role of kinesic expression in carrying the meaning of spoken language (e.
Specialized areas of concentration include: electronics, surveillance, economic crimes, litigation, computer forensics, kinesic interviewing and criminal investigations.