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see body languagebody language,
nonverbal communication by means of facial expessions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like. Body language expresses emotions, feelings, and attitudes, sometimes even contradicting the messages conveyed by spoken language.
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The data evidenced-that the temporal synchronization was organized very distinctly in each of these behavioral modalities: in the vocalizations, the more one of the participants vocalized, the more the interlocutor did so; in the kinesic behaviors, on the other hand, a mechanism of regulation by compensation was observed: each participant compensated the increase or decrease in the activity level of the dyad in function of the interlocutor's activity level: the more one of the participants moved, the less the other moved.
I hoped this would document the careful kinesics style about which Lokorovar told me in 1965, in contrast to the loose, quick style of New Hanover folks.
Its communicational abilities depend on the existence of codes: explicit (like in classic Indian dance and ritualistic dance, magical or religious) or implicit codes, like the kinesic, proxemic, and rhythmic ones.
In the same vein, Guillemette Bolens applies her concept of kinesic intelligence in a detailed reading of Charlie Chaplin's corporeal comedy.
I contend that masculinities are communicated through hip-hop dance and are a non-verbal language that I term Hip-Hop Kinesic Language or HHKL, which finds its verbiage from Rudolf Laban's Laban Movement Analysis.
In terms of his dancing steps, hairstyle and costume, the audience would mistake him for Daddy Showkey but for his prominent kinesic deficiency in height.
In relation to the current case, this suggests that activity-based text comprehension can be combined with QF to lead children to consider specific kinesic and paralinguistic factors that accompany characters' emotions.
Her stated goal 'is to develop a narratological perspective that pays close attention to the interpretive processes whereby a reader retrieves kinesic information, taking into account the way in which a text triggers sensorimotor simulations of salient properties in conceptual combinations' (p.
gestures (kinesics): while hand and arm are the most efficient transmitters of kinesic information, the feet and head position are also important;
In fact, this impression of contented relaxation is maintained by Cohen's kinesic choices throughout the sequence.
These artists, many of whom use different media, deal with topics such as the relationship between people and their environment, identity linked to certain kinesic trends such as changing hair-styling in African women depending on regions, the life of African colonialists, etc.
Purpose--to optimize the recovery from Achilles tendon rupture by kinesic means.