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common name for several fishes, among them certain membeers of the croakercroaker,
member of the abundant and varied family Sciaenidae, carnivorous, spiny-finned fishes including the weakfishes, the drums, and the kingcroakers (or kingfish). The croaker has a compressed, elongated body similar to that of the bass.
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 and pompanopompano
, common name for fishes of the genus Trachinotus, members of a large and important family (Carangidae) of mackerellike fishes, abundant in warm seas around the world.
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Successful king mackerel teams that had keyed into the baitfish bonanza were looking for sea birds diving, where tournament-size kingfish were pushing baitfish up to the surface for an easy meal.
For more information on theSouthern Kingfish Association, visit www.
Therefore, the South Atlantic component of the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP-SA), as part of its Coastal Survey (a long-term, fishery-independent, shallow-water trawl survey from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina), began collecting stomachs from 3 common species of Sciaenidae; weakfish (Cynoscion regalis), southern kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus), and Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus).
Varghese Chandy, who supplies fish to restaurants in Doha, said, oeThe price of kingfish was considerably lower at QR22 a kg on Tuesday as the Saudi traders kept off this variety.
Fishes like sherry, hamour and kingfish are extremely popular in the UAE.
It is what you would call a Kingfish in the Gulf -- but we can't call it that because there are so many different Kingfish that it is confusing
Each day, his mother, Lucia, and other women from the neighborhood, as well as a smattering of the neighborhood kids and teenagers, would clamber into the back of Kingfish's battered pickup, and Kingfish would haul them out to one of the farms that lay just beyond town, where they would spend the day picking.
Clean Seas already has 3200 tonnes of yellowtail kingfish growing in pens in Spencer Gulf.
Yellowtail kingfish is a sustainable pelagic species that is popular in Japan, where it is eaten as sushi and known as hiramasa.
Phillips credited a two-year-old crime-busting initiative dubbed Operation Kingfish as the main reason for the reduction in criminal activity.
Kingfish has been credited with spectacular drug busts, several of them at sea involving U.
Since October, HMS Richmond, a Type 23 frigate, has been assigned to Operation Kingfish, a joint initiative with the Jamaican authorities and the US Coastguard, to counter the island's illegal drugs trade.