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A stall set up in a public place where one can obtain information, e.g. tourist information. The information may be provided by a human or by a computer. In the latter case, the data may be stored locally (e.g. on CD-ROM) or accessed via a network using some kind of distributed information retreival system such as Gopher or World-Wide Web.


A small ornamented pavilion or gazebo, usually open for the sale of merchandise, or to provide cover or shelter to travelers.


1. A small pavilion, usually open, built in gardens and parks.
2. A similar structure, often enclosed, for the sale of merchandise such as newspapers or magazines.


A small, self-standing structure such as a newsstand or ticket booth. The original kiosk had room inside for a person who handled the transactions; however, the term evolved to refer to unattended self-service booths with computers that dispense information or make sales via a touchscreen.

Other than simple soda or candy machines, almost any modern vending machine that accepts credit cards can be called a kiosk. For example, digital photo kiosks are today's counterpart to the earlier, manned kiosks for analog film developing. Accepting memory card or CD/DVD input, they allow users to select images and perform limited editing. The units can make prints on the spot as well as burn them onto a CD. See self-service application and touchscreen.

The Photo Kiosk
Photo kiosks with touchscreens have popped up in shopping malls and venues worldwide.

Tablet Kiosks
The flexibility of a tablet makes them ideal for kiosk use. Armodilo Display Solutions makes a variety of desktop and free-standing housings that securely hold Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry tablets.

Self Service
Any stand-alone self-service unit can be called a kiosk, such as this parking ticket dispenser in Philadelphia, which accepts cash and credit cards.
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