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What does it mean when you dream about kneeling?

Kneeling in a dream can reflect, on the one hand, a sense of humility and cooperation; or, on the other hand, a sense of surrender.

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Those who cannot kneel or stand during Mass, the Consecration, or Communion make decisions based on what they are capable of doing.
BIZARRE: Kylie Minogue on the window; DIVIDED: David Beckham texting as Posh kneels is reference to his alleged affair; BIG: The window in university gallery
March 20, 1993 - Kay Jokel, 47, of Woodland Hills kneels on the tracks in Sylmar.
Leonardo da Vinci first explores the significance of such a turn to the beholder in the figure of the angel in his Madonna of the Rocks, begun 1483 (Paris, Louvre), who, seen nearly from behind, looks at the viewer and directs our attention to John the Baptist who, in turn, kneels in a humble gesture of prayer.
He used to say a prayer when it fell out, but now he thinks the paper wafting through the air is itself a prayer and so he says nothing; he just kneels slowly, using whatever he can as a prop, and picks it up, and then hauls himself back up again.
In every nativity scene, Mary kneels upright, tidily dressed, her face composed -- and there's not a drop of blood on the straw.
If this mechanical-style motor fails, a hand-crank backup raises and kneels the vehicle.
SAW POINT: Rapper Eminem; BIZARRE: Kylie Minogue as she is depicted on the stained glass window; DIVIDED: Becks texting as Posh kneels is reference to his alleged affair; BIG: Window in university gallery; ARMED: Jordan's new look
He kneels and kisses the feet of another man who cannot wait to meet him in his study and, moved, goes to greet him with open arms.
Wiping tears and beads of sweat from her face, Acuna then kneels at a white cross to say her final prayer.