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What does it mean when you dream about kneeling?

Kneeling in a dream can reflect, on the one hand, a sense of humility and cooperation; or, on the other hand, a sense of surrender.

References in classic literature ?
In such a manner, as the prayer proceeded, did those voices strengthen upon the ear; till at length the petition ended, and the conversation of an aged man, and of a woman broken and decayed like himself, became distinctly audible to the lady as she knelt.
Before him, on her knees in the blood spattered rushes of the floor, knelt Eleanor, Queen of England, alternately chafing and kissing his hands.
He felt his body, in a half sitting, half reclining position, resting against one who knelt behind him, and as he lifted his head to see whom it might be supporting him he looked into the eyes of the King, upon whose breast his head rested.
The girl came and knelt beside him, opposite the Queen.
When she had finished, he knelt at her feet, taking her hand in his and raising it to his lips.
For a few nights there was a sneer or a laugh when he knelt down, but this passed off soon, and one by one all the other boys but three or four followed the lead.
Then, amid a burst of wild, sweet music, the Frost-King placed the Flower crown on his head, and knelt to little Violet; while far and near, over the broad green earth, sounded the voices of flowers, singing their thanks to the gentle Fairy, and the summer wind was laden with perfumes, which they sent as tokens of their gratitude; and wherever she went, old trees bent down to fold their slender branches round her, flowers laid their soft faces against her own, and whispered blessings; even the humble moss bent over the little feet, and kissed them as they passed.
D'Artagnan knelt as well as the rest, received his share of the benediction and made the sign of the cross; but when Bazin passed in his turn, with his eyes raised to Heaven and walking, in all humility, the very last, D'Artagnan pulled him by the hem of his robe.
Dolphins players Julius Thomas, Michael Thomas and Kenny Stills knelt during the anthem before games last season.
The plan would allow Colts fans to receive face-value ticket refunds at games or events where the players knelt during the national anthem.
Standing during the eucharistic prayer is not disrespectful, but a congregation may need to be educated if its members have knelt all their lives.
US Vice President Mike Pence walked out of an American football game where players knelt during the national anthem.