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Such horsepower attracted some dubious clients, however, many of them corrupt labor unions, leading some of its opponents to jokingly refer to it as "The Firm.
The lapel pin event was aimed to show the harmonious combination of the two companies, but the labor union wasn't happy.
Sajid Hussain Sajid regional secretary of labor union said IESCO employees would hold protest rally on Murree road.
Chaudhry Yasin said that CDA labor union has announced that if existing body of labor union could play its role in resolving the problems of labors, protection of labor's rights, then CDA labor union would stand shoulder to shoulder with existing body.
We need shared sacrifice," said a labor union representative, adding they were not paid their monthly checks last month.
Synopsis: Americans' approval of labor unions has risen to 61%, the highest since 2003.
Both Nelson and Parker said they filed the legislation after a constituent they shared said his daughter joined a labor union without fully understanding the terms of what she was signing.
The labor union said it would seek to unite employees of the FCFC's plants in other counties, the Six Naphtha Refinery of Formosa Plastics Group as well as their contractors to stage a protest at a much larger scale than before, in a bid to protect their right to work.
It is also plausible that another role of debt financing is to facilitate the gaining of collective bargaining power in negotiations with the labor union.
In order to succeed in holding itself together over the long term, a labor union has to be able to deliver on the claim that it can and will obtain a better deal for its members than they would receive in a free and open market.
He emphasized that like the labor union, he was very keen on the right of employees of PISS.