lactuca serriola

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prickly lettuce

prickly lettuce

Looks very similar to Sow Thistle, except the flowers have some white, not pure yellow, and the underside of the leaves have little sharp spiny pricks sticking out all over it. The white latex also good for warts moles skin cancer. Also has a trace amount of opium, so it acts as a mild sedative, tranquilizer and pain killer. The yellow dandelion-like flowers are totally edible. A distinguishable feature of prickly lettuce is that it’s leaves actually turn to face the sun and the whole plant looks like it’s been flattened vertically when the leaves do this. Best eaten when young and small. Eating regular amount relaxes. Eating excessive amounts can cause restlessness and overdosing could shut heart down.(rare). Flowers open early morning and close when it gets hot. I have these in my yard and put the whole plant in blender.
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Recently, Lactuca serriola has spread throughout Europe as an
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