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coffer, lacunar

1.One panel in coffering.
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Risk factors for silent lacunar infarction in patients with transient ischemic attack.
Watershed lesions and lacunar infarcts were noticed among 16.
Moderate hyperglycaemia is associated with favourable outcome in acute lacunar stroke.
1 stroke and urodynamic assessment (days) Type of lesion Hemorrhagic 4 Ischemic 2 Laterality Left 3 Right 2 Bilateral 1 SD: Standard deviation; LACI: Lacunar infarction; TACI: Total anterior circulation infarction; PACI: Partial anterior circulation infarction; POCI: Posterior circulation infarction.
Dentro de la clasificacion del ictus incluye el aterotrombotico, cardioembolico, lacunar e indeterminado (2).
The presence of Reed-Sternberg with lacunar type morphology was obvious, presenting with collagen bands surrounding nodules specifically in the lungs, lobated nuclei, small lobes, less prominent nucleoli, and wide cytoplasm.
However, no relationship was observed between caveolin-1 and the presence of silent lacunar infarcts and white matter hyperintensities, two other types of cerebral small vessel disease.
Simultaneously, MR imaging revealed demyelination around bilateral ventricles and lacunar infarctions in FLAIR (Figure 2(c)).
Strokes are divided into three types: cardiogenic, atherothrombotic, and lacunar infarcts.
The study authors write: "Purpose in life may affect risk for cerebral infarcts, specifically macroscopic lacunar infarcts.
A computed tomography scan of his head identified several infarcts in the territories of the left middle cerebral artery, the left and right posterior cerebral artery, and lacunar infarcts in the left basal ganglia and right thalamus.