ladies' room

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ladies’ room, women’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of ladies.
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When the bride is having a meltdown in the ladies' room, her sister hands her a pick-me-up with the inspired lyric line; "Every bride deserves /A Vicodin for nerves.
When I got there, he was on the phone so I went to the ladies' room.
What he wished was to have his ashes flushed down the ladies' room toilet of Syracuse City Hall, which would so clog the pipes that the resulting blast of glutinous broth would douse the place clean much in the way that Heracles once flushed out the Augean stables.
When Rachael Valentine exited the ladies' room of a Perkins Restaurant in Gainesville, Fla.
A word of warning though, they can be a hassle when visiting the ladies' room but it's worth it for a fab new look.
This was originally published by Conari as The Ladies' Room Reader Revisited: A Curious Compendium of Fascinating Female Facts (2002), which in turn followed up on The Ladies' Room Reader: The Ultimate Women's Trivia Book (2001).
At the center of this ladies' room hangs an enormous floor-to-ceiling crystal chandelier.
One could enter the Ladies' Room there from the upper waiting room, go down the stairs, and then leave on the lower level.
In Tiravanija's case, the corresponding "social sculpture" took the form of a party in the ladies' room, something very few people have ever had the chance to experience as an artistic endeavor.
By then we were so refreshed we wouldn't have been able to tell a geranium from a giraffe, and, predictably, we all needed to use the ladies' room.
Then I asked the teashop lady to look in the ladies' room as it seemed a long time" (138) thereby pleading that she is not guilty.