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What they fail to realize is that there still exists a deep wound in the psyches of many lay men and women, primarily involving the issue of trust on the part of the laity regarding the preaching and actions of the hierarchy.
Raul del Mar of Cebu City's north district, Cebu City Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella, Fe Barino of the Archdiocesan Service Committee, Carmelita Seno of the Council of the Laity, Sister Maria Luisa Javier and Archbishop Palma.
The coordination office will link the diocesan administrator or bishop, youth chaplain, parish priests and all the laity of the diocese in order to run the activities of the youth.
Josemaria Escriva could be called the "precursor of the Second Vatican Council" whose most earthshaking reminder to the laity is the "universal calling to sanctity.
was formed in 1992 by two practicing New Zealand doctors and Ant Laity, who now heads the company with his business partner Dan Moore.
In calling for a greater role for the laity in the Church, the Holy Father is not proposing the establishment of a parallel magisterium composed of lay people, nor for the divvying up of responsibilities at the parish level between the clergy and the laity.
As presented, his argument appears to be that the decline in the fortunes of the church is entirely down to apathy on the part of the laity.
Excerpts from the Interview with Mark Laity, Chief for NATO Strategic Communications)
The Transformation of the Laity in Bergamo, 1265-c.
of Manitoba) examines the connection between social mores and religious activities among the laity in the Italian dioceses of Bergamo during the period in order to clarify the experience of lay people within the medieval Christian church.
Neither the laity nor the clergy seems to leave rich sources regarding contraceptive use that turn up in any of the many archives that Tentler visited.