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see goosefootgoosefoot,
common name for the genus Chenopodium, as well as for the goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae, a family of widely distributed shrubs and herbs that includes the beet, spinach, and mangel-wurzel.
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I contacted my colleagues back on the farm, to suggest that it might be time to try marketing chickweed and lamb's-quarters again.
tested vinegar on major weeds -- common lamb's-quarters, giant foxtail, velvetleaf, smooth pigweed and Canada thistle -- in greenhouse and field studies.
I picked lamb's-quarters and she ignored it," Duchon recalls.
Additionally, many "weeds," such as chickweed and lamb's-quarters, are highly nutritious and good candidates for pesto.
Wild plants such as dandelion greens, lamb's-quarters, and others are more nutritious than the lettuce sold in the supermarkets.