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1. a thin plate or layer, esp of bone or mineral
2. Botany the flat blade of a leaf, petal, or thallus


A thin sheet or layer of tissue; a scalelike structure.
A thin, clearly differentiated layer of sedimentary rock or sediment, usually less than 1 centimeter thick.
A flat or curved arrangement of unidirectional or woven fibers in a matrix.


A concurrent object-oriented language.

["Experiments with a Knowledge-based System on a Multiprocessor", Third Intl Conf Supercomputing Proc, 1988].

["ELINT in LAMINA, Application of a Concurrent Object language", Delagi et al, KSL-88-3, Knowledge Sys Labs, Stanford U].
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Several species resemble Megalastrum fibrillosum in lamina dissection.
Lamina Total de agua aplicada Sulfato de amonio (irrigacao + precipitacao) em mm kg [ha.
Studies have shown that lamin B concentrate on the chromosome surface in telophase, and lamin A is first found in an unpolymerized form in the nucleoplasm, before it gets polymerised into the lamina [12,5].
BioStratum is a world leader in basal lamina research and is focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for diabetes and cancer.
Basal basiscopic pinnules the same size and shape as the suprabasal ones, not overlapping the lamina rachis; rhizome scales strongly denticulate
In posts to National Geographic's 'The Great Energy Challenge' blog, driver Ann Peters said that, with the Lamina "we aimed to combine sleek aerodynamic shapes with ergonomic design in order to minimize weight.
CCEG is a benign inflammation of the bladder, characterized by von Brunn's nests that grow into the lamina propria forming cysts and/or metaplastically changing into goblet cells.
Ja no periodo estival, as taxas de desaparecimento de lamina foliar do capim-elefante foram maiores e constantes no decorrer dos pastejos.
Although the lamina papyracea was intact in patient 1, an iatrogenic bony defect with intact periorbita was identified in patient 2.
Related to the closing of the acquisition of the assets of Lamina, LSG also announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Bank of Montreal ("BMO") to obtain a $20 million demand line of credit.
As variacoes na lamina total de agua aplicada para os diferentes manejos sao decorrentes da evapotranspiracao acumulada pela cultura, apos a aplicacao da ultima lamina para os tratamentos.