lamium maculatum

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dead nettle

dead nettle

not related to nettle Name comes from looking like stinging nettle but without sting. Not related to nettle. In mint family, square stem. Leaves and flowers can be eaten raw. Used as blood purifier, for menstrual, eyewash, bladder, kidney. Flower tea used for bronchial problems. Roots used for BPH prostate, kidney, gastrointestinal. Studies underway for Hep.C (liver). Spotted Dead Nettle has a silver marking on the center of each leaf. Flowers look like purple-pink snapdragons with upper and lower lips.
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TUCK in dainty daffodil bulbs such as Tete a Tete between ground cover plants like variegated dead nettle, periwinkle or Lamium maculatum "White Nancy".
Herbaceous perennials are not as easy, but in dense shade consider ajuga, anemone japonica, waldsternia ternate, tiarella, tellima, pullmonaria saccharata, hosta, aruncu dioicus, lily of the valley, iris foetidissima and lamium maculatum.
Other plant options for a green-on-green effect include lime thyme or Lamium maculatum 'Golden Anniversary'.