lamp base

lamp base, Brit. lamp cap

That part of a lamp which connects to the lamp holder; provides electrical contacts.
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The company also expanded its Liz Claiborne lighting selections, adding a new white lamp base.
99 for two, Oka Direct; leather lamp base, pounds 85, and shade, pounds 30, both Laura Ashley; candle, pounds 15, House of Fraser; linen journal, pounds 9.
Flirty forties: bedside cabinet, pounds 245, After Noah; Shelbourne lamp base, pounds 75, Laura Ashley; shade, pounds 5, Vista; pearls, pounds 48, compact, pounds 65, and beaded bag, pounds 55, all Dolly Diamond; pure silk wadded curtains, pounds 481.
One of the challenges facing the makers of juvenile lighting is distinguishing the lamp base from a toy and discouraging children from playing with the lamp base or touching the bulb.
When you touch the metal part of the lamp base, a dim light will come on.
It's designed, handmade and screenprinted in the UK, and available as a lamp base shade or ceiling light shade.
com Our bedroom side table is crying out for this pounds 250 Jenny Worrall Chinese bird glass lamp base, which is subtle yet with a certain elegance to it.
com, 0800 328 2601) Ivory table lamp base pounds 37.
On right-hand table, left to right: Black bottle lamp base, pounds 55, Betty Jackson for Debenhams.
SPEND: Matalan's glass balls lamp base, with black shade, pounds 20.
The intricate pattern of each lamp base is echoed in the legs of the black Asian altar table across the room.