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see carbon blackcarbon black,
mixture of partially burned hydrocarbons. Carbon black is produced by partial combustion of natural gas. It is used as a black pigment for inks and paints, and is used in large amounts by the tire industry in the production of vulcanized rubber.
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A grayish-black amorphous, practically pure form of carbon made by burning oil, coal tar, resin, or other carbonaceous substance in an insufficient supply of air; used in making paints, lead pencils, metal polishes, electric brush carbons, crayons, and carbon papers.

lampblack, vegetable black

A fine black pigment consisting of particles of carbon; collected from the soot of burning oil.


a finely divided form of almost pure carbon produced by the incomplete combustion of organic compounds, such as natural gas, used in making carbon electrodes and dynamo brushes and as a pigment
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the manufacture of lampblack," the factory produced "300
19) Lampblack has a more complex surface structure and high surface area, so its behavior is also more complex.
continued production of gas that was going to the lampblack factory.
Then, they rubbed it with lampblack to make the lines appear.
The seamen often embellished their carvings with lampblack from the try works or the shade of an oil lamp or inlays of whalebone, ebony, or silver.
Lampblack, the latest, which debuted at San Francisco's Gallery Paule Anglim in March, purrs with smoky spice.
at 370 (affirming injunction against the operation of the lampblack factory); Louisville Gas Co.
5% Solon (Akzo) Cellulose Rheology modifier Water Water Solids, viscosity Add the following under agitation: Texanol (Eastman) Ester alcohol Coalescing solvent Yellow iron oxide "C" colorant Iron oxide Colorant Red iron oxide "F" colorant Iron oxide Colorant Lampblack "B" colorant Iron oxide Colorant Total PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Density (lb/gal) 11.
Clouds flat and dull as lampblack, clouds with the contours of the brain, clouds like sheets of paper.
Lampblack is a pigment made by burning oil or wax and collecting the soot which becomes a fine dust.
Insticks were created by molding lampblack, ther residue of soot, with glue until hardened.
Byzantine wall paintings made with patches of green earth, red clay, ocher, with lines of lampblack and cinnabar dots.