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see carbon blackcarbon black,
mixture of partially burned hydrocarbons. Carbon black is produced by partial combustion of natural gas. It is used as a black pigment for inks and paints, and is used in large amounts by the tire industry in the production of vulcanized rubber.
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A grayish-black amorphous, practically pure form of carbon made by burning oil, coal tar, resin, or other carbonaceous substance in an insufficient supply of air; used in making paints, lead pencils, metal polishes, electric brush carbons, crayons, and carbon papers.

lampblack, vegetable black

A fine black pigment consisting of particles of carbon; collected from the soot of burning oil.


a finely divided form of almost pure carbon produced by the incomplete combustion of organic compounds, such as natural gas, used in making carbon electrodes and dynamo brushes and as a pigment
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Lampblack as a pigment is highly stable and adhesive, but its benefits during performance are outweighed by its disadvantages after the performance--Booth describes the experience of its removal as akin to being flayed.
the manufacture of lampblack," the factory produced "300
This was a pivotal painting in which she transitioned from lampblack pigment in works like the Last Lay-Up, and began revisiting Abstract Expressionism.
19) Lampblack has a more complex surface structure and high surface area, so its behavior is also more complex.
While maintaining that black-masking represented "simple disguise," merely an "impulse to conceal," since "easily available domestic materials like soot, lampblack, or charcoal" were "all matt monotone black which blanks out the features," (66) such arguments fail to pursue the consequences of such thinking.
A person may not discharge, cause to be discharged, or permit the discharge of petroleum, acid, coal or oil tar, lampblack, aniline, asphalt, bitumen, or a residuary product of petroleum, into, or upon the waters or land of the state except in quantities, and at times and locations or under circumstances and conditions as the department may by regulation permit or where permitted under art.
Lampblack & Ash is an emotionally engaging collection of metaphorically intense poetry by Simone Muench delving deep into the intricacies of the poet's ever resplendent mind.
the gas in the secret lampblack factory constituted waste of the common
In fact, Beck and other critics made no such absurd claim: they merely pointed out that the lampblack Michelangelo would have used to paint shadows mimics soot in chemical tests.
Using brush, lampblack and water I found I could live my dreams through art.
Wartime incentives brought new producers of army caps, India rubber cloth for capes, knapsacks, lampblack, military buttons, oilcloth, saddlebags, swords, and tents.