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1. a pointed surgical knife with two sharp edges
2. short for lancet arch, lancet window



a surgical instrument with a double-edged blade, formerly used for lancing abscesses, opening veins (for bloodletting), and scarifying the skin (for vaccination). The lancet has been replaced by the scalpel in modern medical practice.


A sharp-pointed, double-edged cutting instrument used to make small incisions.

lancet, lancet window

1. A narrow window with a sharp pointed arch typical of English Gothic architecture from ca. 1150 to ca. 1250.
2. One light shaped like a lancet window.
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SurgiLance safety lancets are single-use fingerstick devices, used for the collection of blood from the fingers of adults and children.
10 min] when the Contact-Activated Lancet was used for skin penetration.
2 United States Blood Glucose Lancet Market and Forecast 5.
Founded in 1997, Lancet has grown to become a leading business intelligence firm with over 100 customers around the globe.
LONDON, February 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Lancets - among the most commonly used alternative devices for vein puncture to obtain blood samples - are increasingly being used at home by patients and at primary care facilities such as physicians' offices and community clinics to perform glucose level tests with monitoring devices.
In line with the new corporate identity, the company also changed the name of the One-Step Safety Lancet to the SurgiLance Safety Lancet.
In a commentary in the same issue of Lancet, Kathleen I.
About 27 percent of people with Type D personalities died during the study, compared with 7 percent of other patients, according to the study, published this week in the medical journal The Lancet.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Lancet Indemnity Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Patrick Yi, CEO of MediPurpose commented, "With the rapid growth of SurgiLance in the safety lancet market and the opportunities to leverage our marketing strengths and distribution channels, we decided that we could be more than just a lancet or safety products company.
8 Lancet, the working group predicts that "700,000 avoidable deaths will occur annually" from particulate exposures by 2020 "under the business-as-usual forecasts, when compared with the climate-policy scenario.
The new Portex(R) RapID(TM) Spinal Needle line consists of lancet and pencil point needles that feature a clear hub design with a large color-coded stylet cap.