land drain

agricultural pipe drain

A system of porous or perforated pipes laid in a trench filled with gravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.
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To make the drain even longer lasting and more efficient, you may want to have a perforated land drain at the bottom, wrapped in weed fabric which is available from garden centres and DIY stores.
Mike Jones, of Oakmoor Estates, who spoke on behalf of Blue Wood Developments, said Oakmoor was going to install a land drain which should solve any problems.
The men had been working with subcontractors laying a land drain for manholes at the George Wimpey Springfields development of luxury homes near Skelton bypass at 1.
Saoirse Insole, who met Rachel at Irish dance classes, spoke out as more of her pal's belongings were found in a land drain.
About three miles of a Midland stream were polluted following a diesel spillage from a land drain yesterday.
Originally gardeners would have used a 12 inch section of four inch diameter clay land drain buried an inch or so into the soil.
Tenders are invited for Supply and erection of storage facilities for a land drain cleaner and ancillary equipment
Tenders are invited for purchase of the following new equipment: 10,000 litre water bowser unit compatible to carrying a homburg senior land drain cleaner on the rear of the unit hydraulic propulsion pack to operate drain cleaner when mounted on bowser unit the water bowser unit must: be at least 10,000 litres in water carrying capacity , have a sprung draw bar, be of galvanized steel construction inside & out be manufactured to norms en707 & ce/97/23 have a quick fill suction pump have an auto fill hydraulic arm have a rear buttress including8" flanged outlet on the top of the rear wall and 8" drain cap with quick opening (stone trap) underneath the tank wheel recessing on single axel , including mudguards wheels 850/50r/30.
More than six square kilometres of land drain into this lake, so we have a lot of ground to cover.
She said: "The men were connecting a land drain to a manhole.
Late yesterday, clerk of the course Norman Gundill reported: "We opened a land drain near the rail and the excess water has drained away, so at the moment everything is fine.
Tenders are invited for flood risk management and assessment study, it is proposed to construct flood defences in the form of reinforced concrete walls, sheet piled foundation walls, a formed channel and earth embankments along the banks of the ilen river, the showgrounds stream, the caol stream, the assolas and the glencurragh streams and the lurriga land drain in skibbereen town and surrounds.

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