land drain

agricultural pipe drain

A system of porous or perforated pipes laid in a trench filled with gravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.
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Of the three zones of comparative luxuriance, the lower one owes its moisture, and therefore fertility, to its flatness; for, being scarcely raised above the level of the sea, the water from the higher land drains away slowly.
I pulled away another piece of land drain and suddenly saw all these coins stacked vertically in concentric circles.
They purchased the land Drain sits on in north Douglas County in 1861 - settlers had been in the area since 1847 - and platted the town in 1872 when the Oregon & California Railroad was built through the area.
Often it means a land drain to a grid, which is easy to install.
A menage was also built three years ago with a land drain system topped with silica sand and rubber, surrounded by post and rail fencing and access gate.
The flood was caused by a block land drain which normally flowed into a nearby gill and into the River Leven
In a letter to the court, Swan said that he believed he had authority from the landowner to replace a land drain to soak away water from the garden of his bungalow, next to the woods, and added that he has lived in the village for 35 years and has always done his best to protect the area.
Originally gardeners would have used a 12-inch long section of clay land drain buried an inch or so into the soil.
Clay land drain pipes buried at two to three feet are ideal, but a cheaper effective method is trenches three-quarters filled with broken-up rubble or large grade pebbles.
The water, which also had sewage in it from a septic tank, had flooded from a land drain, which collects water from farming fields.
At the back of my mind I remembered some years ago, when digging nearby, we had come upon an old land drain.

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