land mine

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land mine:

see minemine,
in warfare, term formerly applied to a system of tunnels dug under an army fortification and ending in a chamber where either explosives were placed to be detonated at a chosen moment or the supports were burned, causing the mine and the wall above it to collapse.
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, in warfare.

land mine

[′lan ‚mīn]
A container filled with high explosives or chemicals, placed on the ground or lightly covered, and fitted with a fuse or a firing device or both.
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NPA rebels continued to defend their use of land mines, saying the types of land mines they used were command-detonated and did not violate the ban on land mines.
would not sign the land mine treaty just weeks after he joined the ranks of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in 2009.
WASHINGTON -- After two decades of waffling, the United States on Friday announced its intention to join an international treaty banning land mines, without setting a time frame while working through possible complications on the Korean Peninsula.
MANILA, Jumada I 2, 1435, Mar 3, 2014, SPA -- Philippine communist rebels using land mines have wounded 11 troops and five civilians in the south of the country, military officials said Monday, according to AP.
Earlier in the day, a land mine explosion caused serious wounds to two national guards.
Why hasn't the government helped us by removing land mines so that we can return?
Field Manual 90-7, Combined Arms Obstacle Integration, offers a mere seven pages of information on the use of obstacles other than land mines, while devoting far more copy to covering land mine warfare in exhaustive detail.
BEIRUT: As Lebanon faces a new threat of land mines along its shared border with Syria, the 11th meeting of states party to the Ottawa Treaty banning land mines gets under way in Cambodia Monday.
It is worth mentioning that a boy had his leg amputated on Monday when a land mine went off in Haweeja district, west of Kirkuk.
With noses close to the ground, they receive the highest concentration of vapors from land mines.
Ibrahim Ali, head of the Emergency Unit in South Sinai, says the five were working in a farm near the Suez Canal when the land mine exploded Wednesday afternoon.
Still, the mines kill thousands a year, and many more deaths and debilitating injuries go unreported, said Gilmore, whose own grandfather was injured by a land mine during World War II in Europe.

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