land mine

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land mine:

see minemine,
in warfare, term formerly applied to a system of tunnels dug under an army fortification and ending in a chamber where either explosives were placed to be detonated at a chosen moment or the supports were burned, causing the mine and the wall above it to collapse.
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, in warfare.

land mine

[′lan ‚mīn]
A container filled with high explosives or chemicals, placed on the ground or lightly covered, and fitted with a fuse or a firing device or both.
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The Pentagon cites the need to use land mines as a deterrent along the North and South Korea border.
Land mines being used in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea are administered by South Korea, but the U.
Though the limitations of land mines in the COE are real, current doctrine seems almost wholly focused on promoting mine warfare to the detriment of all other military obstacle efforts.
44 million square meters of Lebanese land are still covered with land mines, according to Brigadier General Mohammad Fehmi, the director of the Lebanon Mine Action Center, the army division that heads up the country's de-mining efforts.
Although casualties have decreased in recent years, land mines claim victims in more than 100 countries.
The United States maintains a stockpile of more than ten million land mines and insists on the right to produce more and to use them when it sees fit.
Kushwaha will also develop a computer model to analyze the risk to various kinds of military vehicles that travel where land mines have been planted.
Land mines touch on so many other issues--war, agricultural development, health care.
Japan will also provide the International Committee of the Red Cross with $1 million land mine education for Afghans and to supply those who have lost limbs from explosions with artificial ones, the official said.
The machine digs into soil using a high-speed revolving cutter placed at the end of the arm of a hydraulic shovel car, causing the land mine to explode when the shovel car touches the fuse, company officials said.
M23 VX land mine disposal campaign at the Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS) on Johnston Island.
The DoD will target $200K for technical mapping of those selected sites, and $80K for mine awareness education and land mine database support.

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