landscape gardening

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landscape gardening:

see gardengarden,
land set aside for the cultivation of flowers, herbs, vegetables, or small fruits, for either utility or ornament. Gardens range in size from window boxes and small dooryard plots to the public botanical garden and commercial truck garden (see truck farming).
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landscape gardening

the art of laying out grounds in imitation of natural scenery
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He said: "There are many elements to landscape gardening such as decorative horticulture, sports turf management, amenity based horticulture and hard landscaping with training provided in each.
Amid growing concerns about the detrimental impact of carbon emissions on climate, more DIY garden programmes on TV and with many homeowners tightening their purse strings as the credit crunch takes hold, school leavers will be forgiven for thinking landscape gardening is a dying trade.
While landscape gardening might not appear particularly glamorous, it can sometimes lead to chance meetings with celebrities.
What did Shepherd recommend in his Landscape Gardening book and was it in any way suitable for the rough and ready developing colony only fifty years old?
In his second lecture Shepherd outlined the principles of Landscape Gardening as practised by Capability Brown and followed that with the principles of Thomas White, his old master.
Shepherd then stated that he has only given a condensed account of the 'merits and demerits of the three greatest men for originality in creative genius, perhaps in the world, applied to the invention and general improvement of a new series of objects in Landscape Gardening, in the sublime, Picturesque and beautiful scenery.
When: Using the 'what and how' activities, identify a recommended installation time-frame as well as recommended maintenance; and then, create a landscape gardening schedule.
It also offers a first class landscape gardening and maintenance service.

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