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Law the termination of some right, interest, or privilege, as by neglecting to exercise it or through failure of some contingency


A single assignment language for the Manchester dataflow machine.

["A Single Assignment Language for Data Flow Computing", J.R.W. Glauert, M.Sc Diss, Victoria U Manchester, 1978].
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The policy is still considered lapsed for purposes of the death benefit; therefore the only benefits that will be paid are the LTC benefits the insured would have qualified for prior to the termination of the policy.
Even though response in acquisition is often well below lapsed reactivation, we're excited to be gaining new donors who are fresh, open minded and possibly .
In the succeeding year, this individual may not be able to afford the coverage or may no longer meet the eligibility criteria and therefore coverage is lapsed.
Mostly, a lapsed policy can only be revived by payment of due premiums along with applicable interest and "declaration of good health" by the policy-holder.
The fine for the lapsed license would be $30, he said.
A lapse of a Crummey withdrawal power is a release of the holder's general power of appointment to the extent the lapsed withdrawal right exceeds the greater of $5,000 or five percent of the trust assets, per IRC section 2514(e).
The rankings for lowest lapse ratios (the ratio of lapsed policies to policies in force), reported in the November issue of Best's Review magazine, are based on a statistical study of 2009 data for the top 100 life/health insurers conducted by A.
The database designers have created separate databases for information about policies that lapsed because the holders stopped paying their premiums and paying the policies that lapsed because the insureds died.
First, the insurer might suffer high losses from lapsed policies due to up-front investments for acquiring new business (Pinquet et al.
Re-engaging donors who have lapsed is getting very fashionable, especially by using the telephone.
678(a)(1) and (2), for the client to be treated as the grantor for grantor trust purposes (and, hence, able to sell assets tax free to the TPT), he or she must have held a withdrawal power and continue to have a grantor trust power after such withdrawal power has lapsed.
Five years later, copyrights on more than 40 other Mickey Mouse cartoons will have lapsed.