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hog's fat melted and strained from the tissues, an important byproduct of the meatpacking industry. The highest grade, leaf lard, is from the fat around the kidneys; the next best is from the back, and the poorest from the small intestines. Lard is classed by method of preparation as prime steam, rendered in a closed vessel into which steam is injected; neutral, melted at low temperature; kettle-rendered, heated with added water in steam-jacketed kettles; and dry-rendered, hashed, then heated in cookers equipped with agitators. Good lard melts quickly and is free from disagreeable odor. Pure lard (99% fat) is highly valued as a cooking oil because it smokes very little when heated.



the subcutaneous fatty tissue of hogs. The protein content of lard amounts to as much as 1.4 percent, and the fat content, to more than 92 percent. The proteins are primarily incomplete proteins, such as elastin and collagen. Most of the fatty acids making up the fat are unsaturated, for example, oleinic and linoleic acids. The principal saturated fatty acids are palmatic and stearic acids. Lard is used as part of sausage stuffings; it is also eaten in salted or salted and smoked form, for example, Hungarian bacon.


(food engineering)
A solid fat prepared by rendering the fatty tissue from hogs.
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After a few hours, lard melts into clear fat and brownish "cracklins," which are crunchy and often eaten as a high-calorie snack.
Look for these three types for making lard: kidney fat, which has the cleanest flavor, but is hard to find; neutral-tasting back fat, which you can order from a butcher shop; and pork belly, which produces lard with a distinctly porky flavor.
If you're vegetarian or vegan, or you don't have livestock to use for the production of lard, tallow or butter, many different kinds of nuts and seeds--including almonds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts--can be pressed into vegetable oil.
I am confident that in this period of change, Lard, with his longstanding expertise in the international insurance industry, will lead this business forward, Ralph Hamers said.
Overtime, the package's contents were eaten - but a tin of lard was left untouched and has since followed Hans through three house-moves and several decades.
2 and 3 when lubricating with rapeseed oil and lard and after modifying them with stearic and oleic acids and monoglycerides.
Bryan Webb is owner/chef of Tyddyn Llan, Llandrillo, near Corwen CLASSIC PAPRIKA CHICKEN (for 4) ingredients 1 large free range chicken, cut into 8 pieces chicken livers, one or two 1 onion finely chopped 1 small green pepper cut into small dice 50g lard or rendered bacon fat 2 teaspoon paprika 500ml chicken stock 100ml soured cream a tear drop method.
4 : to obtain by heating <render lard from fat>
Married his second wife Bella in 1997 - Lard was the best man.
Laggan Lard Butts" won't only entertain the readers with its funny events leading up to the election; kids will also learn about how democracy works and some of what goes into campaigning for candidates or ideas.
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